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Blog posts September 2015

Rosh Hashanah 5776 is here! Shanah Tovah

This 1,500 year old golden necklace was unearthed near the site of the temple at Jerusalem.

Reflect upon these scriptures from the Bible which corresponds to the sound of the shofar (horn) during Rosh Hashanah:

Numbers 10:3, Numbers 10:5, Numbers 10:9 and Exodus 19:16, 19

The Gospel of …

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A Tribute to 9/11

9/11 Tribute by The Navel Academy- Anchormen

Fourteen years ago my junior high school class and I watched the World Trade Center towers fall before we went home to our families in shock.  Later that day my sister, Jayne and I went to the bay and watched the heavy smoke rising from the destruc…

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Continue to Pray for the Syrian Refugees

Our hearts go out to all those displaced by the Syrian refugee crisis.  This exodus is comparable to the Rwandan crisis twenty years ago,  according to the UN forbodes the amount of people in search of safety could reach 4.27 millions people by the end of 2015 with 50% children.  …

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