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"Until Today is Long Ago"

Until TODAY is Long Ago

A  cousin had written, "until today is long ago" in my sister's wedding card thirty-five years before.  Now, I understand that phrase because that's what age and experience does for you!  A butterfly or moth must wait, then struggle out of it's cocoon to metamorphosize into something truly amazing. 

Joel Osteen dramatically said, "Your appointing is coming...part of the process wasn't meant to be permanent...just a step along the way.

Get ready for acceleration...when your annointing catches up to your appointing...It's all good...

if He took you before you were ready you wouldn't know how to handle it.  If it's taken a long time; it must be BIG!"


On the day David became King he remembered his annointing by Samuel thirteen years earlier.   David had been called away from the sheep he was shepherding.  His six older brothers encircled him with his father, Jesse. The LORD said, "Arise, annoint him, for this is he." Samuel blessed David with the oil and the Lord's Spirit rushed upon David from that day forward." 1 Samuel 16:1-13 

  Keep to your path. Be encouraged that God is always on time even if you think you have been waiting too long.  If you are not feeling it today just think for a moment: until TODAY is long ago.  Your waiting will be  forgotten and the appointing full of joy!

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