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"No Matter What Happens..."

"No matter what happens at the polls today, REMEMBER: GOD IS IN CONTROL, and

HE IS FOR US, not against us.


From text message on Election Day, November 8, 2016.

That message made me stop worrying and just let go of any anxiety perplexing me as I walked up to vote.  I went to sleep with no fear that night because I know who is in control - GOD! no matter what happens.  The next day I woke up to the reality that Donald Trump is now President-elect Trump. On Thursday, November 10th, I helped put the Thanksgiving food bags together at the First Reformed Church of College Point  Afterwards, I perused The Post and there was iconic columnist, Cindy Adams talking about her friendship with Donald Trump.

Ms. Adam goes on to say, " I know Trump 40 years.  Longer than his kids or first wife Ivana.  Hysterics and histronics aside, the guy is canny. Savvy.  If he can't jump over the top, he'll creep under the bottom.  But he'll accomplish.  You don't like him?  So what?  Not everybody had tea with Lincoln.  The guy who's there now has a nice haircut, good suits, shirt sleeves rolled to just the right spot when pretending to go casual...I know the offstage DONALD. I remember that anger when I didn't attend his father's funeral. "You disrespected him," he said. I remember when his things went belly-up and he unpityingly sat behind me in a cramped seat in a junky plane.  I remember when he turned things around and flew us in a private jet to Vegas munching cookies and catered meals. I remember '97 when he brought his team over to create my security system.  I remember his extra-special care when my husband passed on.  I remember he didn't forget his promises. Not to me.  Not to you.  Not to the country he loves. And I'll always remember he's one of us, kids- only from New York..."

The most interesting thing I remember from reading TRUMP - THE ART OF THE DEAL in 1987, was the fact that he realized the men he was making deals with were all drinking too much and he didn't, which gave him a clear mind to make a deal. I wonder how Congress will behave with him at dinner behind closed doors.

For myself, I will meditate today on Isaiah 43:18- Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not: 19: See I am doing something new!  Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? In the desert I make a way, in the wasteland rivers.  Dr. Carey Yazeed ( shared this scripture on her Periscope show this morning where she encouraged us to "let go of the past...stop hoarding things and make room in our life for new letting go, God will make a way when you think there is no way."

Like a lot of Americans are thinking today... there is no way I'm going to like the next four years.  Remember God is your boss! ( Jennifer  Forchelli on Periscope (just JFO) reminded her followers earlier this year..."God is your boss!" START WITH GOD and the next four years and forever will take care of itself.  Find a church, synagogue, temple or mosque to be a part of and get closer to our creator so you can let go. My church is The First Reformed Church of College Point ( Sunday service is led by Pastor Linda Burlew Gold at 10:30 AM.  Also invaluable to me is Dr. Charles Stanley and his team at  AGAIN: MEDITATE ON ISAIAH 43:18 & 19 today! Amen

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