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"The BREAD... You Do Not Use is the BREAD of The HUNGRY"- St. Basil

"The Bread

Which you do not use

Is the Bread of the Hungry;

The garment hanging in the wardrobe is the

Garment of him who is naked;

The shoes you do not wear,

Are the shoes of the one who is barefoot;

The money that you keep locked away is the,

Money of the Poor,

The Acts of Charity that you do not perform,

Are so many injustices that you commit."

-St. Basil

A 23 year old father of two daughters last week took his shirt off and dressed a shivering homeless man in the NYC Subway while others looked on doing nothing to help.  An onlooker put a video of this on You Tube and it went viral.  Jay Gold was on Good Morning New York today and that is how I found out about this good deed.  What would you have done?

Last week when I saw this St. Basil quote my dry spell was over.  I'm back to writing posts here and will be giving everything away. 

To be continued.....Mary Bradshaw Duncan

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