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A Tribute to 9/11

9/11 Tribute by The Navel Academy- Anchormen

Fourteen years ago my junior high school class and I watched the World Trade Center towers fall before we went home to our families in shock.  Later that day my sister, Jayne and I went to the bay and watched the heavy smoke rising from the destruction and tragedy. We had all our children with us- my son, Derek and her daughters, Nicole, Amanda and Erica.  We were together watching with other families on the edge of the water in our little town of College Point.

Then, in 2007 our lives would again forever change- closer this time when my Godchild and Niece, Amanda Thea Weber passed away suddenly from Pulmonary Hypertension.  Today, I said Mass in memory of Amanda and for all those who perished in 9/11/01.  There is a hole in my heart for my dear niece and I will always love her.

Amanda's Aunt Karen Berliner texted the family this message:

"We are all thinking of your magnificent angel Amanda, on this very sad day.  She was a beautiful and brave hero and she walks with heroes.  Rest Peacefully Amanda."

The Gospel according to Luke 6:39-42

...Remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter in your brother's eye."

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